We are opening our events with an advent garden prayer journey. This will be set up The first week of December and be an open access prayer journey following Carmellite themes for advent.
- Waiting, Accepting, Journeying and Birthing. 
- In the week beginning 20th Dec the theme of Seeing will be added. 
Please feel free to explore, whilst observing whatever social distancing measures are in place at this time. Until we can use the building we will aim to hold a series of garden events. 


The Little Retreat Open Day:
2nd October 2021 10am-4pm

Grand Opening and 40th Anniversary worship: 7th November 2021 2pm

The building was converted to a church in 1951 so it seems right to celebrate our 70th Anniversary and the development of a new project on the same day. Sadly we won't be able to accommodate all comers but we look forward to it.

November 7th 2021 2pm Preacher Rev Bruce Thompson, Leader of worship Rev Louise Carr.

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Restrictions permitting we are holdng an Open Day to give our neighbours, friends and potential users an opportunity to see the amazing premises we have created during the pandemic. The day will begin and end with worship.
During the day there will be the opportunity to see the premises, the work done and experience the beauty of the garden. We ask you to wear a face covering when moving around inside to protect anyone who may be vulnerable.
Mindful and prayer activities will be available to try on the day- or to tak away with you.

Light refreshments will be available and buy popular request a plant stall with plants reflecting those in the garden.