The Little Retreat at Lea is surrounded by a good sized garden. In 2018 the garden began to be developed as a prayer and peace garden to enhance the retreat facilities being planned. The local primary school (Frances Olive Anderson CofE Community Primary School, Lea) and members of the church were involved in planning. We were fortunate in gaining a NCS (National Citizenship Service) team in August 2018 to assist with the transformation of the garden. The initial phases of the garden were opened in August 2018 with a community garden party by one of the children from the primary school. The development of the garden has continued with amazing work from church members, including bird boxes built by one of oldest members. More help has been received from the Lions in clearing garden waste and levelling ground.


Currently a wildlife garden inspired by a garden planned for Chelsea 2020 by the Bible Society and various churches including the Methodist Church around Psalm 23 is being developed. The pond is full and established now.The garden is permanently open to the community, there are benches to sit and some prayer guides and activities.



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