The Little Retreat at Lea is available as a venue for spirituality, creativity, art or simply as a quiet space for wellbeing in a busy world. We welcome bookings, occasionally or on a regular basis depending on availability. 


The building is a Lincolnshire Long House, which was built as the lodge to Lea Hall, which was demolished in the last century. In 1951 it was converted into the Methodist chapel for Lea, sitting next to the old school which is now a private dwelling. In 2020 it was completely refurbished as a retreat centre with Sunday worship continuing. The facilities include the small chapel space, a medium size room for break out and a modern kitchen and toilets. The building is completely accessible to those with disabilities and surrounded by a beautiful quiet garden with benches and a wild life area.




The Little Retreat can be booked for day rereats, half days or by the hour, please contact Rev Louise Carr on 01427615184 or complete the booking form.

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